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Solar Panel

Posted by: In: Blog 22 Feb 2012 0 comments

What is a solar Panel?

Solar panels are, well first off they are indeed a bunch of panels. They use solar power you
know that bright thing in the sky that’s been sitting up in the sky for billions and billions of years we call
the sun. That means you will have an endless supply of energy. A solar panel harvests and in a sense if
the sun were a person then the solar panel is basically giving the sun a hug. In turn the sun is embracing
it via sun rays. A solar panel is created using silicon but a more cost effective way of making one is by
using amorphous silicon technology. In the end the solar panel is more durable, efficient and a whole
lot thinner than a crystalline. Those Aztecs were right in using the sun so I think we should all follow

So much Power!

Construction Solar Panel

There is so much power its insanity! You’re probably thinking, “I feel like I just can’t handle it.”
Its okay you deserve it and I think you can handle it, no worries. Those long hours working, really you
got this the solar panels got you too. Are you ready to find out how much power? Alright here it goes
listen carefully my friend or foe whatever I don’t really like making enemies but okay. A solar panel that
is in direct sunlight creates a current of approximately 2 amps at 2 volts. Wow, that’s a lot of energy,
don’t you think? Well I think so but for some reason I feel unimportant and that you don’t care exactly
what I think. Well at least the rays of the sun will hit your solar panels and you’ll get your energy that’s
all that matters. See I’m not as selfish as you might think. I’m happy for you even though you don’t
know me. The most important thing is that your solar panels are hit by directly by the sun’s rays that’s
it. If that is the case then you will indeed get so much power. Just to make sure I’m talking about power
as in electricity.

What, where did that come from?

Okay I feel like I’m doing one of those “the more you know” commercials here. A rainbow is
going to literally fall from the sky and into my room as I’m typing this. The solar panels will generate the
sun’s energy. Then that ridiculous theme song is going to come on out of nowhere and I’m going to get
freaked out but happy at the same time. How that happen I really don’t know it’s just going to happen.
Those solar panels are still going to look futuristic up there on the roof. Okay here we go solar energy
which is collected by the solar panels comes from the sun. The sun generates heat from its core
continuously. Don’t want to get scientific here but solar panels get energy from the sun which is millions
and millions of light years away. That wasn’t too technical was it? Yeah I didn’t think so you’ll survive.

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