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Home Remodeling: Turn Your Old Home into Your Dream Home

Posted by: In: Blog 10 Jan 2012 0 comments

Sometimes, a home remodeling project can make more sense than building a new home. It can be a better investment and it can also be a better lifestyle choice. Instead of selling what you have and building your dream home, why not turn your house into that very dream house. If you’ve out-grown your current house or it no longer suits your lifestyle needs, clever home remodeling can “reinvent” your house into the house you need.
It costs money to move. You have the cost of the movers, the real estate commissions to sell you present house, and the costs of fixing up your house to get it in shape to sell. If you choose instead to take on a home remodeling project, you can save those costs and that money can go directly into tangible improvements in your current house. The cost of the realtor’s commission alone can buy you a brand new kitchen.
Right now, with the values of homes down from what they had been in the recent past, you probably can’t sell your house for what you might have hoped for. A home remodeling can save you the trouble and anxiety of selling your house in a down market. You have not lost any value until you actually sell your house. So another financial benefit of remodeling your current house to be the house you want it to be is that you can wait out the market and let the property values return over the next few years.
A home remodeling can add useful living space, Attic Remodeling can add useful square footage at a fraction of the cost of building a new addition.
Beyond the financial benefits of a home remodeling, you can have the benefit of staying in your present location. Moving to a new location can be disruptive. If you like where you live, if you like your community, neighbors, church, clubs, and other conveniences, if you don’t want to find new doctors, dentists, hair stylists, and restaurants, staying in your present community can be a very valuable benefit. And you won’t have to change your address or learn new phone numbers, either.
All good planning begins with a goal. You need to establish what you are trying to achieve and then figure out how to reach that goal. Home remodeling that is simply a collection of individual tasks may be fine, but if your goal is to make your house into something better, if you want things updated for style or convenience, if you want to make your house more energy efficient, or if you want to transform your house into a house you can retire and live in for the rest of your life, you should use solid planning and a knowledgeable home improvement contractor to guide you then you will achieve your home remodeling dream.
Typical remodeling projects often include Kitchen Remodeling or Bathroom Remodeling. Many houses are in great locations, but time seems to have passed them by. The most often used rooms in your house, and the most expensive rooms in your house, are the kitchen and bathrooms. These are the rooms that “define” the quality level of the house.
Other remodeling projects might be done to improve the energy efficiency of a home. Replacement Windows, additional House Insulation, and even the addition of a Sunroom could be measures taken to reduce energy consumption and lower the operating cost of a house.
Don’t forget the exterior of your house. Does your house need a facelift? Does it look dated and a bit old? A clever and creative exterior redesign can make an old house look new and add real value to your property. It’s sometimes hard to imagine what your house might look like with a new look. But Best American Builders, Inc. can help you out. We have architectural illustrator and designer. They can produce a color illustration of how it could be transformed.
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